Christina Salwitz
THE Personal Gardener Coach™

Group Service Provider – Visual Merchandising

Articles by Christina

Today’s market is more competitive than ever. That’s why it’s never been more important to strengthen the public image of the local independent garden center. A retail store’s appearance and brand identity are remembered long after a customer forgets what they purchased. When properly combined with strong sales techniques, product knowledge, and consistent customer service, the circle is complete, ensuring repeat business from customers invested in your new ideas and seasonal inspiration.

Christina has consulted with independent garden centers since 2008 to help improve sales through strategic thinking and looking at product merchandising with fresh eyes. She believes in finding the visible benefit in both inventory and profitability when good planning meets product performance and great strategy. Christina helps bring to light a more profitable way of thinking about merchandising, by:

  • Helping clients define their merchandising goals more clearly
  • Creating communication plans that strengthen relationships with buyers and vendors
  • Crafting clear and concise team visions accomplishing new goals 

About Christina:
Christina Salwitz began her career at Nordstrom, and went on to be recognized repeatedly for her fresh, intuitive sales policies and marketing strategies. After feeling the pull of the outdoor landscape, she became a horticulturist, and realized that her experience with the principals of fashion marketing and merchandising translated seamlessly into her new role working with people who love plants.

While working as a merchandiser, buyer and manager at independent garden centers for 25 years, Christina simultaneously honed her skills as a garden communicator, blog writer, photographer, and author of the award-winning book Fine Foliage: Elegant Plant Combinations for Garden and Container. She also has a new book being introduced, Gardening with Foliage First. Along the way, she created THE Personal Garden Coach™. Since 2008, Christina has consulted homeowners on their own garden challenges, designed small landscapes, and become recognized for her focus on container design, with her creations featured on the pages and covers of the nation’s top garden magazines, books and blogs.