The Fall Event is all about sharing, learning and growing, and this year's event is packed full of incredible networking and learning opportunities. Our speakers are leaders in the industry – thought leaders that embody The Group spirit of ingenuity and entrepreneurial drive. These powerful presentations by inspired thinkers can shape your future in the ever-evolving world of garden retailing. Be ready to dive in, share and learn.


 to set new goals, take action, and reach new heights in 2020 and beyond! 



Learn more about 
Danny Summers

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Welcome Session
Danny Summers, The Garden Center Group

The Fall Event is all about sharing, learning and growing, and this year’s event is packed full of incredible opportunities. Danny will set the stage for this distinctive, open forum loaded with powerful presentations by inspired thinkers that can help you shape your future in the ever-evolving world of garden retailing. This year’s focus is on TIME...  it’s time to analyze, shift, refine – and create an effective plan to achieve your goals! This is a must-attend session that sets the stage for your next 3 days in Nashville!

IT'S TIME learn how to capture all of the inspiration, creativity, and tap into the wealth of information and knowledge this Fall Event has to offer!

1:30pm - 2:30pm

IT'S TIME to Benefit from the P&L Study Review
Steve Bailey & Tim Quebedeaux, RetailKPI Consulting

The Annual P&L Study is an industry exclusive and the most comprehensive profit and loss study of its kind. While the WDR Report focuses on sales and margins by category and transactions on a weekly basis, the Annual P&L Study includes sales and expenses and compares percent of sales for the garden center to both Best Practices/High Achievers Group – and the group as a whole. This study also includes inventory turns, margin targets by category and the resulting Gross Margin Return On Inventory Investment (GMROII).

Steve and Tim will review the 2018 P&L Study and even if you didn’t participate, you can benefit from their analysis of the numbers, ratios and trends. Everyone is invited to join this discussion that can help move your center to a higher level of success.

IT'S TIME to benefit from the 2018 P&L Study – whether you participated or not!



3:00pm - 4:00pm

IT'S TIME to Make the Numbers Work for You, Plus P&L Awards
Sid Raisch, Horticultural Advantage & Steve Bailey, RetailKPI Consulting

So now that we’ve got the numbers from The Group’s WDR and P&L Study, let’s make the numbers better – much better! Join the fun with a cast of characters, including special guest Jim Roy and his favorite consultant, Steve Bailey, as they explore and unwrap the process for gleaning the glory from the financial tools already at your disposal.

IT'S TIME to make the numbers work for you!




8:15am - 9:15am

IT'S TIME for Some T.L.C.
Tim Miles, Tim Miles & Company

According to the Gallup organization, disengaged workers cost American companies more than $550,000,000,000 in lost productivity last year, and given the exponentially-increasing number of distractions, how do we find ways to engage employees, manage change, and lead our teams where we need them to go – not only as professionals but as people?

The way we’re working… doesn’t appear to be working. 

SO… I did something kinda weird… kind of like I’ve been doing my whole life… I got curious, and I went digging under rocks and peering through the fog and peeking through the curtains of the corners of the world to find unusual leaders, invisible heroes, and awesome agents of change “outside” the world of business.

What I learned shocked me… in ways that will blow your mind. 

IT'S TIME to lead with love!


Learn more about 
Jean Seawright

9:15am - 10:15am

IT'S TIME to Prepare for a New Era of HR
Jean Seawright, Seawright & Associates

With proliferating employment regulations across the country and a new federal overtime rule, it’s definitely time for an HR update from Jean Seawright!  To help keep you up-to-speed with the latest HR issues, 

Jean will provide a broad overview of multiple topics that affect every garden center... from the hottest recruiting ideas and tips to emerging drug testing risks and changing practices, paid sick leave laws, the newly proposed overtime rule, unique benefits to retain employees, and more! 

You don’t want to miss this important session where you’ll leave with practical ideas, critical tips, new policies, and vital knowledge that you need to minimize HR risk and successfully manage your human resources!

IT'S TIME to prepare for a new era of HR!



10:45am - 11:45am

IT'S TIME to Become Exceptionally Exceptional
Sid Raisch, Horticultural Advantage

There’s never been a time in your life or the life of your company where it has been more important – more profitable – to be EXCEPTIONALLY Exceptional in the eyes of the consumers and your employees than right now. Exceptional companies are made up of exceptional people, exceptional products, and exceptional processes for doing business effectively.  

Working together we’ll create your Profile of the Ideal™ criteria for developing each of these areas. 

IT'S TIME to become exceptionally exceptional!


1:30pm - 3:00pm

IT'S TIME for the Ownership Transition Challenge
Robert Hayter, LKC Engineering

ownership     own • er • ship     \ ‘ō-nər-,ship
being an owner, possession

transition     trans • si • tion  |  \ tran(t)-’si-shən
the process or period of changing from one state to another

challenge  |  chal • lenge  |  \ ‘cha-lənj
a call to take part in a contest, a dare, provocation

72% of business owners have not dealt with the challenge of ownership transfer yet their business is often their largest asset. Not having an ownership transition plan affects employees, family members and everyone associated with the business. 

You have spent a significant part of your life with the ownership challenge – operating your business. Whether you’re in the early stages of your business cycle or nearing a time for transition, this is an important part of the business planning process.

Join three of The Group’s Service Providers and several Group clients in a reveal conversation about business ownership transition. Robert Hayter, Steve Bailey, and Jean Seawright will lead this invaluable session sharing their insights and experience. The session will include a Group discussion with session leaders and some of your peers who have dealt with ownership transition.

IT’S TIME to analyze, shift, refine and create an effective plan to achieve success!


3:30pm - 5:00pm

IT'S TIME to Manage at the Speed of Life
John Kennedy, John Kennedy Consulting

In this day and age of constant interruptions from phone calls, emails, social media, customer service issues, employee management issues... having the right skills to maximize your time is essential for survival. We need to balance our work and family commitments without sacrificing the quality that both demand.

This is your chance to grasp the ability to prioritize multiple projects, problems, and people.  

  • Determine how to separate importance vs. urgency
  • Identify key areas that waste your time as well as others’
  • Effectively plan and evaluate each day, week, month
  • Set and get successful goals for your organization and team
  • Organize your systems and desk for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Successfully schedule and manage huddles, team meetings, corporate meetings
  • Learn the task-oriented side of being a successful leader

IT’S TIME to begin Managing at the Speed of Life!



8:00am - 5:00pm

IT'S TIME for The Fall Event Nashville Tour

This year’s tour day will be a fusion of garden retailing, horticulture, history, art and fun! We’ve put together a full day tour of two of Nashville’s best retail garden centers, and a visit to The Parthenon. In addition, we’ll spend the afternoon at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens – a 55-acre botanical garden featuring the historic Cheek family mansion and world-class art exhibitions. At Cheekwood we will experience a unique combination of history, art, nature – and Group sharing at its best.

IT’S TIME to hop on board and enjoy a beautiful fall day of discovery in Nashville!

For details CLICK HERE




Learn more about 
Danny Summers

8:15am - 9:15am

IT'S TIME for Action
Danny Summers, The Garden Center Group

Join Danny as he reviews the past three days of intensive learning, stretching the mind, and expanding the vision. As he explores the many opportunities presented at This Fall Event, you will discover there’s plenty of ‘takeaways to wrap up and take home!’ 

You’ll be challenged to set new goals, take action, and reach new heights in 2020 and beyond. And speaking of next year, you’ll be the first to know which road will lead to The Fall Event in 2020!


Learn more about 
John Kennedy

9:15am - 10:45am

IT'S TIME to Move Mountains
John Kennedy, John Kennedy Consulting

Join John Kennedy as he takes your “Lessons Learned” from the Fall Event and crafts a road map for you to convert into “Lessons Applied”.

We often hear “knowledge is power” but we really should be thinking “applied knowledge is powerful”. John will lead The Group in an exercise called “Moving Mountains” that brings clarity to your short, medium and long term goals when you return home. With your “Pebbles, Rocks, and Boulders” in place, you will begin to move mountains in 2020 and beyond.



11:15am - 12:00pm

IT'S TIME for a Deep Dive
John Kennedy, John Kennedy Consulting

For those who are interested in a more comprehensive deeper dive on an on-going basis, John has created a wonderful Strategic Planning Tool that he is able to share, along with quarterly “Accountability Actions” to keep your momentum and direction moving forward. This will provide you with the commitment and competence needed to drive your 1, 2, and 3-year plan for your team, your business and yourself.

John’s Strategic Planning Tool has been developed and utilized with nearly a dozen of his clients worldwide and will be available for those who participate in the “quarterly deep dive” in the fall of 2019 and beyond.

Keep an eye out for updates as we get closer to The Fall Event, and John will provide an overview of his program on the final day as he presents his “Moving Mountains” closing workshop.


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