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Winter Produce for Profit
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Vic & Gail Vanik
Seasoned Gardeners Consulting

Vic and Gail Vanik are definitely seasoned gardeners having been in the business for more than 90 years collectively and their center was named the most revolutionary garden center in the country in 2013. All of their hard work has paid off and after selling their garden center they are now ready to help other independent garden centers improve their business.

If you are like many greenhouse and garden center owners, the problem of how to fill in the gaps during the cold winter months in order to keep your business profitable has always been a challenge. They know because they were there for many years. If you are a garden center with greenhouse-growing capabilities, the good news is that there is a way to keep your staff working so you don’t have to re-hire and train each spring, keep customers coming into your facility each week, and be profitable.

Seasoned Gardeners Consulting's Winter Produce for Profit Program can help you use your empty greenhouse space to grow vegetables during the winter months and start your own indoor farmer’s market.

This is a game-changing comprehensive program that will take you through the planning stages from production, to harvest, and marketing gathered from over 50 years of experience as a grower and over ten in the produce market. This program is designed to shorten your learning curve and help you get growing successfully beginning your first year.

Danny Summers, Garden Center Group Managing Director, says, “I feel this program is a great way for garden centers to expand their winter sales and profit, keep paying their employees throughout the winter months, and keep customers coming to their center all year long. Of course, it’s not realistic for every center, but if you have empty greenhouse space during the fall and winter months, why not put it to use and make it profitable for your center?”

Contact Vic and Gail to learn about what to grow, how to set up and promote a market, determine price points, and more.