Robert serves as our
Chief Architect

Robert Hayter
LKC Engineering

Group Service Provider
Capital Improvements, Store Design, Traffic Flow and more

Robert Hayter offers site planning, evaluation, and renovation services exclusively to independent retail garden centers.

Robert has spent 32 years helping garden center owners develop or enhance the function, appearance, physical security, and "shop-ability" of each site and its facilities. His goal is to achieve the maximum sales potential, create ease of shopping, improve operations, and produce a pleasant and attractive location for customers. Emphasis is placed on the sales areas of the garden center to create product-merchandising flexibility, ease of stocking, and better customer access.  

Robert Hayter offers solutions in the areas of arrival and parking, layout, receiving, and product display fixtures. The firm is available for on-site consultation services to The Group clients addressing new or redo property and facility upgrades. Robert Hayter will provide insight into construction issues, answer costing questions and interpret retail shopping trends.

View a PDF of Robert Hayter's Garden Center Services.