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John Kennedy has presented to over 250,000 audience members over the last 20 years and has made a dramatic impact in scores of companies and associations within the green industry.

His client list includes Dambly’s Garden Center, Ray Wiegand’s Garden Center, Rockledge Gardens, Gertens, Walters Gardens, American Plant, Pickseed Canada, Spring Meadow Nursery, Parsons Nursery, Manor View Farm, Marina del Rey Garden Center, Riverbend Nursery, McHale Landscape Design, SummerWinds Garden Centers, AmericanHort, Greenstreet Garden Centers, Sheridan Nurseries, L & L Nursery Supply, Prides Corner Farms, as well as state associations including Florida, Minnesota, West Virginia, Texas, Maryland, California, Oregon, Ohio, Wisconsin and North Carolina, and Virginia … just to name a few!!!!

 John’s reputation as a successful team strategist and customer experience consultant to our industry continues to grow, as does his proven track record of repeat partnerships.

John’s expert program “Creating World-Class Teams” has been delivered to dozens of garden centers throughout North America and is available exclusively to members of The Garden Center Group at a reduced cost on a first come first serve basis.

John Kennedy is an expert at creating world-class teams! John has created a systematic and simple team-building program that brings to bare all four areas of team development.

From forming a team to stormingnorming and all the way through performing, John drives engagement, encouragement, and support to take a group of people and galvanize them into a team of professionals. This program is delivered over a one-year commitment and brings the company, agency or association to a new level of accountability for the benefit of the team, the customer, and the industry.

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