Professional Services

The secret to the success of The Group rests on the people involved. We've pulled together an ever-growing list of experts – our Service Providers who assist our centers in solving operational problems by providing insight, direction, and one-on-one assistance when needed. The list below is some of the current products and services available to Group Clients.

  1. Marketing Proven advertising and marketing messages designed to build sales, expand market position, secure customer commitment and extend the selling seasons. A wide array of media choices are used to provide the best mix for the most impact... gaining new customers while maintaining the ones who continue to build your business.

  2. Marketing/Advertising Review All forms of advertising from radio, newspaper, direct mail, television, and electronic media methods can be reviewed, critiqued, and designed to make sure your company is creating the right message in the proper medium.

  3. Media Placement - No more dealing with annoying media sales reps, not knowing for sure if the offers they present are in your, or their, best interest. Our media buyer makes sure your advertising dollars are being used in the most cost-effective and results-driven manner possible.

  4. Merchandising - Learn how to use the character of your site, your product mix, and merchandise presentation to create a shopping experience that will improve traffic flow while increasing sell-through rates and inventory turns.

  5. Strategic Planning - The deciding factor that sets your company apart from all the rest is the passion and excitement that exists between the company, the staff and the customer. Discover how to create a unique retail environment that will define your company's position in the marketplace.

  6. On-Site Consultation - Any number of Service Providers can work with you one-on-one for a more detailed, focused activity that can have a dramatic impact on your business. This process can speed-up the time between planning and taking action on issues ranging from site development, marketing, merchandising, finance, employee training and human resource issues.

  7. Telephone/Email Consultation - You now have direct access to private consultation time regarding all aspects of your business from some of the industry's most respected talents. Information when you need it, designed to help you achieve your goals.

  8. Site Design and Development - From property evaluation to architectural design, you now have access to an award winning design firm that provides a full range of industry-specific design assistance programs.

  9. Financial Budgeting and Review At the end of a busy day or busy season, the final score is measured on how well your company did meeting its financial goals and obligations. Now there's help with the entire process from planning, budgeting and monthly evaluation.

  10. Human Resources - Now there's answers to your questions about compliance with employment regulations, policy manuals, affirmative action plans, hiring, firing, performance evaluations, compensation plans and other personnel-related matters. This is an area where one mistake can cost you a tremendous amount of heartache and money. Working with our experts will help you be prepared before problems arise.

  11. Employee Training - From on-site sales and customer service training sessions; to ongoing educational workbooks and newsletters on a variety of employee development topics; to intensive 2-3 day staff training sessions, we make sure your employees are part of the business improvement loop.

  12. Mystery Shopper Service - Your company can take part in the same type of program used by many of the country's leading retailers. This Mystery Shopper service has been designed to focus on garden center-specific activities 'through the customer's eyes' helping to improve the staff's skills in servicing the customer and also measuring the shop-ability of your store.

Here's what Jonn Karsseboom, owner of The Garden Corner, Tualatin, Oregon says about the Mystery Shop Service...
"We just received our first "score" and I can tell you that it was exciting. It has caused us to do improvements as well and helped remind us to do the most basic of things because they are important."

Here's what Tom Estabrook, owner of Estabrook's Farm & Greenhouses, Yarmouth, Maine says about the Mystery Shop Service...
"The mystery shops have helped to make our crew pay attention to the little things with customers…. 
And we all know the little things add up to big dollars!"