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Is Your E-newsletter Getting Customers to Click 'Open'?
IGC Retailer, IGC 'Best of Show' Issue 2015

'New and Popular' Doesn't Mean It's The Right Thing To Do
IGC Retailer, IGC Show Issue 2015

Key Issues to Tackle for a Turnaround at Your Store
IGC Retailer, IGC Show Preview Issue 2015

Don't Just 'Think Different', 'Do Different'
IGC Retailer, March/April 2015

What are you waiting for? get spring started
IGC Retailer, January/February 2015

There is No Cookie Cutter in Good Store Marketing
IGC Show Issue, November/December 2014

what works here would work across all media
IGC Show Issue, July/Aug2014

this newspaper ad is one of the best i've seen in so long
IGC Retailer Preview Issue, May/June 2014

here's the missing puzzle piece for your spring campaign
IGC Retailer - March/April 2014

it's about winning, not 'trying not to lose'
IGC Retailer - January/February 2014

if you've been at this for a while, do you know what's next?
IGC Retailer - November/December 2013

be good at what you do, and customers will follow
IGC Retailer - IGC 'Best Show Issue' 2013

'tell me a story:' do your ads intrigue?
IGC Retailer - IGC Show Issue 2013

make the most of this summer's garden center tours
IGC Retailer - IGC Show Preview Issue 2013

retail reality checks that hit close to home
IGC Retailer - March/April 2013

stop worrying about 'the next generation'
IGC Retailer - January/February 2013

how does your performance line up against your goals?
IGC Retailer - IGC 'Best of Show' issue 2012

Starbuck's loyalty program: a magical blend of old & new
IGC Retailer - IGC show issue 2012

parties, promotions and the 'destination' debate
IGC Retailer - IGC show preview issue 2012

careful with that price gun, eugene
IGC Retailer - March/April 2012

2012's word for marketing success? it's 'focus'
IGC Retailer - January/February 2012

Your Successfull Marketing Plan Starts Here
IGC Retailer - November/December 2011

Get Real About Your Marketing
Nursery Retailer - IGC SHOW ISSUE July 2011

Manage Where You Are, Not Where You Hope To Be
Nursery Retailer - IGC SHOW PREVIEW ISSUE May/June 2011