Retired Group Founder
Robert Hendrickson

It all started in the late 90's when Robert Hendrickson, our founder, began to get his garden center clients together to share ideas. By 2000, The Group was officially formed and met at the first Fall Event in 2001.

Robert's roots began in a small garden center in Illinois where he quickly became one of the industry's marketing "whiz kids" in the mid 80's as he worked for Metzler's Garden Center in the Baltimore area and soon began to help other centers. He continued helping garden centers until his retirement in 2021. But he will long be remembered as one of the best marketing "whiz-kids" and storytellers.

Robert Hendrickson – Featured Articles

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Let the Battle Begin! (PDF)
How to deal (or not deal) with an ad agency!

Proper Marketing is Not as Difficult as You Might Believe. (PDF)
The alternative marketing process for an easy to manage, cost-effective and sales results focused!

Stay Focused
On your message and your customer!

Ask and You Shall Receive (PDF)
The "what" you say is more important than "who" you might be reaching.

The Question Remains... Why?
It doesn't matter what it is, what it does, or how much it costs until you explain why it should matter to the customer."

Tell Me a Story - Part 1
One of Robert's Classic Storytelling Theories... What stories can you tell about your company's history? There's always a story behind the product. Where does your story begin? Our future is in the stories we tell so be sure to tell it well!

Tell Me a Story - Part 2
A continuation of Robert's previous article where he ended with his belief that the future of the garden center industry depends on these eight words... "Our future is in the stories we tell."