7:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Founding artist of Wagging Tail Studios, Sherry Kendall, and founding artist of Wet Nose Greeting Cards, Natalie Kendall will be with us at The Fall Event in Cincinnati showing off their products so it’s the perfect time for them to host this special event where you can unwind, unleash your creativity, and enjoy a private Paint Your Pet’s Portrait session at the Intercontinental Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza, Street Level, Bar at Palm Court.

Even if you’ve never painted before, Sherry will guide you step-by-step through the painting process. Prior to the event, you will submit a good closeup photo of your pet. Sherry will sketch your pet’s likeness onto your canvas. When you arrive, your canvas will be ready to paint your pet’s portrait. You can get creative by adding your own special touches to your pet’s portrait.

Registration is separate from The Fall Event Registration. Fee is $75 and seating is limited to 25 painters. Registration includes pre-event sketch on an 11” x 14” canvas, instruction, and all art supplies needed to create your masterpiece! And, of course, to feed your creativity we’ll supply some nibbles and drinks. We suggest you wear comfortable clothes. Aprons will be supplied for protection from the water-based acrylic paint. These paints become water-resistant when they dry, so roll your sleeves up and get ready to have some fun! No doubt you will find some inspiration and ideas for an event at your center! For complete details and registration go to:


Last year's event was a lot of fun and a sellout, so register today and grab your seat for this unique event!



SHERRY KENDALL is the founding artist of Wagging Tail Portraits. A graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City, she has worked as an illustrator and portrait artist for the last 34 years. Sherry’s ornaments and paintings, which started out as gifts for friends, have launched into a full time career. Sherry’s custom pet portrait ornaments even caught the eye of Oprah, who picked them as one of her favorite things in 2011!



NATALIE KENDALL is the founding artist Wet Nose Greetings, a line of greeting cards, note card, and gift enclosures. She began illustrating these cards as a senior in high school. As a freshman in college, she attracted the attention of Oprah in 2012. After graduating from Hood College with a Communication Arts degree, she continues to illustrate the cards, which are inspired by real pets. It’s no surprise that being surrounded by the arts both at home and many years of classical ballet training that Natalie would eventually pick a career in the arts.


See you 
in Cincy, September 25 - 28, 2023! 


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