Beyond the Boundaries of Entrepreneurial Thinking

by Robert Hayter, LKC Engineering

Robert Hayter presented a masterful message at The Fall Event 2022 on September 22, 2022 - Beyond the Boundaries of Entrepreneurial Thinking. The session was recorded and we have made it available exclusively to Clients of The Garden Center Group in The Group's WebSystem. The following is an introduction, handouts and the recorded session.

Experience is a great teacher, except when it isn’t. We rely on the present, what we currently know, through what I call The Learning Cycle. Our perspectives of the past and future are formed by present thinking. And owning and or managing a small business are wicked learning environments.

I offered a paradigm-shifting, and thought-provoking presentation on thinking, acting, leading, and changing your entrepreneurial perspective at The Fall Event 2022. Leaving the safety of your current position you will discover some myths, new realities, and pathways to breakthrough thinking leading you Beyond the Boundaries.

How we think matters. We act now, modifying our perceptions of the future. We recall now. We learn now, which is to say we modify ourselves to act more effectively in the future.

  • Why do most things stay the same?
  • What is different about things that change?
  • What can each of us do to ensure we will be ready for tomorrow as the present?

Don't miss the opportunity to either revisit this paradigm-shifting and thought-provoking presentation... or experience it for the first time!

The video presentation is below along with both a pre-event handout exercise to get ready for Entrepreneurial Thinking, another detailed scorecard as you watch the presentation and also an important post-event handout to download to help further frame and explore where you want (and need) to go...

Pre-Handout PDF - Rate Yourself - PRIOR to watching the presentation HERE
During-Handout Worksheet - use during the presentation HERE
End of presentation Handout Chart HERE

[Hint: You can select a FULL SCREEN option in the bottom right of the video window below.]


A special THANK YOU to Robert Hayter for this presentation!

Also a THANK YOU to everyone who helped Robert during the fun introduction!

Read more and connect with Robert HERE.