Why Engage Service Providers?

There is a lot of information shared within The Group through our many elists and roundtable meetings (both in person and virtual) and it's important to remind everyone that the information shared peer-to-peer is not the same as the depth that can be conveyed or the expert advice received during a direct consultation between a Group Service Provider and a Client.

A Service Provider will gather more information and ask more in-depth questions as compared to a peer-to-peer conversation to develop customized solutions for your business. And, Service Providers have a culmination of knowledge obtained from working with a multitude of other centers – knowledge of what works and what doesn't. In addition, they see new and innovative concepts that can be of benefit to your business.

Does anyone save money by not engaging a consultant? Never.

The investment is always beneficial to avoid making mistakes that otherwise could have been made. Typically Service Providers are able to return 5 to10x the investment, often in the span of one spring season with improvements that reduce costs or improve revenue, or a combination of both as well as those that build a business over time while controlling operating expenses over time. A mistake prevented is better than a costly cure, or living with the mistake forever.

Several years ago Steve Bailey did an analysis of the P&L Study that revealed clients who engaged Group Service Providers investing $12,000 or more in a year earned more than 2X EBITDA profit of those that did not. Regular check-ins and check-ups with Service Providers are more than worth it, they're profit and wealth-building in motion!

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