Why Engage Service Providers?

There is a lot of information shared within The Group through our many elists and roundtable meetings (both in person and virtual) and it's important to remind everyone that the information shared peer-to-peer is not the same as the depth that can be conveyed or the expert advice received during a direct consultation between a Group Service Provider and a Client.

A Service Provider will gather more information and ask more in-depth questions as compared to a peer-to-peer conversation to develop customized solutions tailored to your business. Service Providers have a culmination of knowledge obtained from working with a multitude of other centers – knowledge of what works and what doesn't. And, they are exposed to new and innovative concepts that can be of benefit to your business.

Does anyone save money by not engaging a consultant? Never.

The investment is always beneficial to avoid making mistakes that otherwise could have been made. Typically Service Providers are able to return 5X to 10X the investment, often in the span of one spring season with improvements that reduce costs or improve revenue or a combination of both as well as those that build a business over time while controlling operating expenses over time. A mistake prevented is better than a costly cure, or living with the mistake forever.

Several years ago Steve Bailey did an analysis of the P&L Study that revealed clients who engaged Group Service Providers investing $12,000 or more in a year earned more than 2X EBITDA profit of those that did not. Regular check-ins and check-ups with Service Providers are more than worth it, they're profit and wealth-building in motion!

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